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About Us

Our goal here at Rosefarm.Com International, is to fill your order with the freshest and finest flowers available, from our farms, the local flower markets, and from our international growers. We constantly strive to improve our quality control and production procedures to ensure your 100% satisfaction with every flower arrangement you purchase. Since we are dealing with a highly perishable product, occasionally there may be a quality issue with your flowers upon receipt.

Flower arrangements are a highly perishable product and require specific care and handling after delivery which is out of our control, we cannot guarantee the vase life of any flowers. We do however; guarantee the quality of the product upon delivery, provided that the delivery was not delayed because of an address error or delivery problem created by you.

To obtain a reshipment of the order at our expense or obtain a refund simply follow the procedure below:

  1. Within 48 hours of delivery, send an explanation of your problem and a copy of your e-mail confirmation to customerservice@rosefarm.com

  2. You MUST provide us with the ADDRESS and DATE to have the order in question picked up for return shipment to us via Federal Express (we will schedule this pick up with Federal Express, and we will be paying for it). All you have to do is have the package ready for pick up.

  3. When we receive the package, we will issue the refund or re-send the order as per your instructions. Sorry, because fresh cut flowers are highly perishable, we, just like your local florist, cannot offer a replacement or refund if you do not notify us PROMPTLY of your concern.


We believe customer service is the most important area of our business.  We will act promptly on our promise to make every customer and recipient proud and happy with your selection!

Roses continue to delight us today and there’s no better gift than a rose flower bouquet. With so many colors to choose from, you’ll find it’s the ideal way to express any sentiment.

Looking to express your passion, we've put together a small list of the meanings associated with the different colors of roses.  

Send a red rose bouquet, a classic and enduring symbol of romantic love.   shop for Red roses...

To vary that message just a bit, try orange or purple roses, whose vibrant tones suggest attraction and enchantment. They are also terrific shades to send to men. Maybe you’d like to brighten your best pal’s day.  shop for Orange roses...

Yellow roses are the ideal choice because they convey joy and friendship.  shop for Yellow roses...

You can always count on pink roses to please. Graceful and gorgeous, they are always appropriate to show you care. Pink roses are a perfect gift for a new mother, a dear sister or daughter or to let any special woman know just how much she means to you.  shop for Pink roses...

White roses, a popular bloom for brides, represent innocence and loyalty.  shop for White roses...

Still can't make up your mind?  Try a Assorted Roses flower bouquet.  shop for Assorted roses...

At Rosefarm.com International, you’ll find a first-rate selection of exquisite arrangements at a variety of prices. We will hand-arrange and hand-deliver your flowers right to the recipient’s door. Just as a picture is worth a thousand words, a rose bouquet is more than a gift. It marks a moment and creates a beautiful memory to be cherished forever.


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