400 Long Stem Assorted Roses

see VALENTINE'S DAY roses.

400 Long Stem Assorted Roses


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Product Description

400 Long Stem ASSORTED Roses!

Order 400 long-stemmed assorted roses for that special someone, or for a special occasion and you'll be sure to overwhelm them (or be overwhelmed) with a gift that will be remembered forever. The roses are hand-picked and delivered directly from our growers ready to bloom. These fresh cut long-stemmed roses are also a great way to decorate an upcoming event, a party, or a perfect do-it-yourself wedding arrangement(s).

400 Assorted Roses Bouquet includes up to 6 different colors picked by the grower. Colors include: White, Light Pink, Dark Pink, Peach, Yellow, Bi-Colored Roses, or our other available colors. The color may vary slightly in shade as multiple bunches of roses will be used to fill your order.


*Also available in growers bunches of 25, 50, 100 and 200 Roses.


We offer GROWER DIRECT PRICES AND FRESHNESS, flowers are days fresher than the local florist, and supermarkets, and the cost is lower then wholesale.



  • 400 Roses  (6 colors combination from the following: Red, White, Pink, Orange, Yellow)
  • Steam Length Approx 18-22 inches
  • Plant Food
  • Personal Greeting Card



Roses arrive in bud form and will bloom in 1-2 days.   Box contains 16 bunches of 25 roses each.


Rose Care: 

Flowers guaranteed fresh for seven days. Read here how to gain the maximum vase life out of your roses


Delivery Information: 

This order will be shipped by FedEx Next Day when ordered before 1pm EST.



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