50 Long Stem Red Rose Bouquet

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50 Long Stem Red Rose Bouquet

50 Long Stem Red Rose Bouquet

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Product Description

50 Long Stem RED Roses!

Aromatic and Long Lasting Bouquet! Also known as the "Queen of the Garden," the red rose possesses a sensual spirit and seductive allure.

No flower has been written about and romanticized more than the red rose. Admired for its beauty, this rose is a classic choice to send deep sentiments of love on an "Anniversary", "Birthday" or "Just Because."


With its striking red color and elegant shape, this award winning rose is practically perfect. Each stem is hand-harvested daily by our expert growers who select only the best rose blooms. Nothing will express your message of love and affection better than this red rose bouquet. When it comes to flowers, the rose reigns supreme. With elegant form and unforgettable fragrance, the rose bouquet is one of the most famous and beloved of all blooms.


Soft and delicate, makes a definite statement of caring. Forever Yours variety, has enhanced the red rose with elagant magnificance. Long lasting, Aromatic, and always so fresh! This red rose lives up to her name, Forever Yours!


It is believed that the Red Rose of Lancaster ( Forever Yours) was the House of Lancaster's badge during the Wars of the Roses. There are, however, doubts as to whether the red rose was actually an emblem taken up by the Lancastrians during the Wars of the Roses. Adrian Ailes has noted that the red rose “probably owes its popular usage to Henry VII quickly responding to the pre-existing Yorkist white rose in an age when signs and symbols could speak louder than words. It also allowed Henry to invent and exploit his most famous heraldic device, the Tudor rose, combining the so-called Lancastrian red rose and the white rose of York. This floral union neatly symbolised the restoration of peace and harmony and his marriage in January 1486 to Elizabeth of York. It was a brilliant piece of simple heraldic propaganda


When you order fresh roses from the RoseFarm.com, you buy roses that will make a lasting impression! These fresh flowers are hand selected from farms and shipped direct to your door. Looking for fresh roses that are bright, beautiful, and ready to bloom for your occasion? Buy Long Stem Orange Roses today that are sure to please!



  • 50 Long Stem RED Roses
  • Steam Length Approx 18 - 22 inches
  • Handling Instruction
  • Plant Food
  • Personal Greeting Card
  • Does not include Vase



Roses arrive in bud form and will bloom in 1-2 days.  


Rose Care: 

Flowers guaranteed fresh for seven days. Read here how to gain the maximum vase life out of your roses. We offer GROWER DIRECT PRICES AND FRESHNESS. These cheap roses are days fresher than the local florist and supermarkets, and the cost is lower then wholesale.  Buy cheap roses with the best quality.


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